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DELIGHT ICE CREAM CUP 5.5 oz, Set of 6

Delight, the design collection of ice cream glasses comes in a modern design with curves that foster the imagination. The clear glass allows every element and color of ice cream to shine, with a wider top that is open for a wilder imagination, while the thickness keeps cool for longer, increasing your delightful moments. Tulip-shaped bowl, designed to fit ice cream scoops perfectly, makes your stack of scoops prettier without needing to double the toppings. Icy wall enhances long lasting coolness. The thicker glass wall keeps the temperature cold for longer, so you have more time to indulge in the sweet moment before it all melts. User friendly design serves all functional needs including practicality, convenience, and durability.
  • Volume ( 160 ml & 6 oz )
  • Premium quality soda-lime glass.
  • Used for to serve a single scoop ice cream
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Product Details
  • Glass ice cream cup
  • Series DELIGHT
  • Premium and high quality glassware for all types of bars, restaurants, hotels, and home use with exceptional clarity, focusing on creative design, durability, practical and effortlessly stylish.
  • Capacity: 160 ml (6 oz)
  • Contains 6 pieces in a case.
  • Weight: 6 x 305 g
98 mm
89 mm